If you have access to the Liquid Crystal Oracle you will find there are many ways to choose your remedy – intuitively, by the simple purpose, your favourite colour (or least favourite, as it may be!), animals you might see often or in dreams, numbers (between 1 and 77) you might see regularly or that mean something to you, or perhaps by a symbol that resonates with you. As a practitioner I can guide you through your Liquid Crystal journey, working with you to customise your remedies specifically for you and your circumstances. Alternatively, go to The Liquid Crystals website, and search by keyword in their store. One or more remedies may be suggested.

Single Liquid Crystal remedies come as a 10ml bottle for $10, or 20ml bottle for $15. The dosage is the same – see our Usage Guide at the bottom of this page. We recommend having a Liquid Crystal Consultation with us to get you started.

Simple Purpose: The Middle Road
Rejuvenating to throat, heart and solar plexus chakras. Brings union to both the physical and spiritual aspects of self transcending duality.

Simple Purpose: Laughter
Opens the conscious self to universal perfection via the crown chakra. Communication with the animal kingdom.

Simple Purpose: Humility
Used to enter a meditative state. Surrender of the mind to the highest part of self.

Simple Purpose: Peace
Facilitates angelic communication. Enhances channelling and telepathic abilities. Installs a protective shield around the user, and astral travel is enhanced.

Simple Purpose: Foresight
Balances the chakra system and aligns the bodies. Aids in communication and connection to the devic and extraterrestrial. Raises the Kundalini energy and aids deeper states of meditation.

Simple Purpose: Astral Travel
The stone of astral travel, facilitating conscious travel memory of that which is experienced, and a strong connection to the physical during flight. Creates conscious connection between the spirit and physical realms. Facilitates the channelling state and opens the intuitive vision.

Simple Purpose: Simplification
Enhances the connection with the higher self. Stimulates, activates and cleanses the throat chakra. Allows the opening to past-life experiences.

Simple Purpose: Unlimited Self
Protects from others intruding in the heart space. Is powerfully soothing in healing. Things first thought to be unachievable become possible and part of the adventure.

Great for healing issues arising from the first 7 years of life.

Simple Purpose: Focus
Enhances psychic ability. Stimulates the third eye, activates the intuition, and clarifies the dream state.

Black Coral
Simple Purpose: Light in the Darkness
Dispels fear of darkness in all senses, from the most spiritual to physical. Stone of regeneration and purification. Balances the female and male self on all levels. Meridians are strengthened. Brings one into contact and facilitates communication with past spiritual masters. Accelerates the transfer of knowledge into wisdom.

Black Obsidian
Simple Purpose: True Self Reflection
Dispels negativity via a shielding effect at the emotional and even physical. Has long been used in shamanic ceremonies to transmute energies. Obsidian can allow the surfacing and transmutation of hidden disease into light. A stone of the void that aids journey deep within, to the silence between polarities, where powerful visions of available paths give insight into future events. Activates the earth star chakra.

Note: Work with this stone is often a rough road but eventually it leads to a potent self aware state that is loving, content, and at peace.

Black Onyx
Simple Purpose: Grounded Self Awareness
The best stone in times of stress. Grounding stone that allows us to only absorb that which we need simplifying life. Useful for those that need true awareness of the physical before the doors of further spiritual growth can open. Helps one develop a spiritual strength that is housed at the physical. Assists in the grieving process. Balances the male and female energies, and allows control of sexuality, banishing ego and calming lust, leading to mastery via tantric processes.

Black Tourmaline
Simple Purpose: Protection
Black Tourmaline is the most protective stone. It has a shielding effect on negative, dense or heavy energies. The shielding effect of this stone occurs by way of the massive quantity of light within it. That same light allows Black Tourmaline to protect us even from our own negative outputs by awareness. Gives a sense of safety and security as it shines light on, and into, the darkest places. Activates the base chakra, anchoring spirit there. Balances the inner and outer perceptions of the world. Can activate the Kundalini energy.

Simple Purpose: Purification
Instils Wisdom and sensitivity for inner guidance. Allows the green energy of the heart to be taken all the way down to the base creating a balancing effect on all the chakras. After purification, allows the physical body to hold increased light, creating a more permanent enlightened state.

Blue Lace Agate
Simple Purpose: Calm Expression
Instils Wisdom and sensitivity for inner guidance. Allows the green energy of the heart to be taken all the way down to the base creating a balancing effect on all the chakras. After purification, allows the physical body to hold increased light, creating a more permanent enlightened state.

Boji Stone (Pop Rock)
Simple Purpose: Balance, Align and Clear
Useful for veterinarians in need of animal communication skills. Allows more direct communication with the physical body to find the answers of disease. Powerful but gentle grounding stone. Balances, clears and aligns all the energy bodies and chakras, removing energy blockages even in the acupuncture meridians. Allows the existence of the individual, while allowing the understanding of oneness. This stone is used as a key to enter areas of ancient wisdom.

Botswana Agate
Simple Purpose: Breathe
The stone of oxygen and oxygenation. Allows the looking forward to a solution, rather than the dwelling on the problem.

Simple Purpose: Creativity
Increases the oxygenation of the body. Activates the sense of touch, making it more acute and sensitive. Freedom of sexual expression.

Simple Purpose: Knowing
Takes consciousness into the high levels where thoughts can be freed from the fears, pains and worries of physical existence. Powerful representative of the blue ray and all its characteristics. Facilitates angelic communication. Clarity in information received from spirit.

Simple Purpose: Individualization
Helps one to become their own individual, and frees them from that which they have become to satisfy others, including the Ego. Stimulates inner vision and aids in accepting change concerning spirituality. Induces deep sleep and the dream state. Gives children calm sleep. Balances and aligns the crown and heart chakras and aids in their communication with each other.

Simple Purpose: Silence
Powerful stone of female reproductive issues, from the balancing of hormones to the birth process itself. The conscious channelling of the higher realms. Activates the intuitive force, making obvious that which is necessary on all levels to facilitate realignment toward the perfect state of health.

Simple Purpose: Fearless Movement
Aids in achieving a deep state in meditation. Increases dexterity. Heals a broken heart by allowing the realization of present growth cycles and lessons.

Simple Purpose: Abundance
Aids in achieving a deep state in meditation. Increases dexterity. Heals a broken heart by allowing the realization of present growth cycles and lessons.

Clear Calcite
Simple Purpose: Universal Mind
Awakens hidden intelligence. Works closely with the mental body. Allows the embrace of greater knowledge towards spiritual purpose, increasing our awareness. Fragments of self are fused, allowing past lives to be remembered and easily integrated into present life. The mind remembers information from astral travel and altered states.

Clear Quartz
Simple Purpose: Light Embodied
Clear Quartz proves to us that physicality can contain a state of total perfection and embody pure light. The energies of Clear Quartz amplify all that it connects with. It performs purification of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies, and is a great stone to direct the materialistic towards the spiritual. Clear Quartz, as a minimum, doubles the etheric fields of the body – this is useful in mapping our creations and helps in healing to find causes for the illness.

Simple Purpose: Passion
Infertility, especially where the cause is lack of primal instinct. It is a transition stone that aids in the movement from one state to another, emotional, mental, and even spiritual, including from one life to the next. Increases the sensitivity of the reproductive organs and aiding in the tone of muscles in the area.

Simple Purpose: Light Body
Diamond is a carbon based life form that via its amazing qualities of clarity and light, demonstrates the placement of light into physicality. It is a symbol of the embrace of pure spirit on the physical level, which is the goal of the human race on earth. Powerfully activates the crown chakra, aiding identification with the infinite. Diamond can remove the life force from most diseases.

Simple Purpose: Healing Heart
This, like no other, goes deep into the heart, when all else has failed to heal. Can bring awareness to those who control the destinies of others, as a mechanism of guilt or false responsibility. Desensitizes the body and mind. Can aid in the achieving of Christ Consciousness. Remembrance of past lives.

Elestial Quartz
Simple Purpose: Angelic Truth
Elestial Quartz is said to be a gift from the angelic, whom it facilitates communication with. The virtues and characteristics of the angelic can be made present by working with this stone. We may learn how to identify with our immortality as a spirit and/or be taught the universal language of geometrics and light by Elestial Quartz. These are powerful crystals in their action on the brain, to which they stabilization of wave frequency. The crown chakra is greatly expanded and quality of light increased.

Simple Purpose: Spiritual Healing
Emerald is a master healer, a powerful representative of the green ray, and teaches the lessons of spiritual abundance. Enhances the psychic ability, opens the third eye and carries the ability to induce higher breath control in relation to meditation.

Simple Purpose: Mental Mastery
Flourite is a multi-dimensional stone, physically manifesting the parts of mind attuned to spirit, carrying the laws of the universe into the physical arena. Balances polarities, allowing one to sit in the peace of God that exists between them, then that space is mentally linked into daily living, helping one to stay tuned to the source, while functioning on the physical plane. Indicates when one is being mentally manipulated. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress.

Simple Purpose: Manifestation of Purpose
Garnet demonstrates the pure energy and power of the red ray in its actions. Increases the sexual appetite. Circulates the creative energies of the lower chakras to the heart, to stabilize action via love into manifestation. Works at the last level of manifestation, facilitating the step into physicality as the male counterpart of Moonstone.

Simple Purpose: The Solar Angel
Regenerates all aspects of self and infuses the desire to know spirit and grow via its embrace as a reality. Removes nightmares. Powerfully opens the crown and third eye chakras. Gold is the spiritually higher aspect of Emerald where healing is concerned. It is a master healing stone, anchoring purification on all levels. Activates and links the soul star chakra via the crown.

Green Calcite
Simple Purpose: Letting Go
Relaxant. Digestive trouble due to mental stress. Ailments due to rigidity of mind such as arthritis, tendonitis, and spinal trouble. Ligament damage. Allows healing to enter bone tissue directly. Fevers. Burns, topically.

Green Tourmaline
Simple Purpose: Enlightenment
This crystal mixes the powerful high light carrying ability of all the Tourmalines with the healing ability of the green ray. It is a master healing stone. The energy of this stone is infused directly via the nervous system where it does most of its work. At the nervous system, Green Tourmaline raises our ability to carry light, moving us rapidly towards Enlightenment this gives a multifaceted healing ability of higher consciousness and high light frequency. Can heal the energy bodies and open the heart chakra.

Simple Purpose: Spiritual Grounding
Anchors and grounds the spiritual light bodies, in a balanced manner, to the physical, which is useful in shock before and after surgery, or extremely stressful conditions. Protective, the Hematite shield will reflect any undesired negativity with its mirror surface. Able to activate the earth star below the feet, Hematite allows spirit to enter the physical, and anchors the high light bodies on the path to ascension.

Simple Purpose: The Egoless State
Helps to find a healthy state through honesty of our own creations. Self-respect and self-confidence, without Ego, lead to the opening of the higher spiritual communication pathways.

Herkimer Diamond
Simple Purpose: Oneness
A key stone for stress. Its linking and attunement effect allows the discovery of past lives and sets up strong telepathic links between people and/or places. Herkimer can allow one to discover the life purpose, and its ability to hold information can be worked with in study, making information available via telepathic link. Activates psychic ability and clairvoyance.

Simple Purpose: Spiritual Beginning
Key stone for the treatment of insomnia. Encourages astral travel and out of body experiences, and may be used to find past lives. Forms a solid base from which a spiritual being may emerge. Induces a deep meditative state.

Imperial Topaz
Simple Purpose: Confident Manifestation
Topaz links strongly with the solar plexus energies where it effects the emotional body, helping it to find confidence, clarity and resolution. Topaz may induce abundance, inspire, and allow the spirit to awaken. Potent manifestation facilitator, polarizing itself to open the doors of receiving. In times of depletion, Topaz can restore the self, acting like a battery. Clears and cleanses the aura. Enhances creativity. Speeds healing.

Simple Purpose: Vision
Iolite is referred to as ‘The Violet Stone’. It is the most powerful activator of the third eye, removing blocks, opening and allowing true vision. Activates clairvoyant, psychic and intuitive abilities. It facilitates communication with the soul. Enables one to consume alcohol with lessened effect. In addiction, this stone allows the cause to surface, then facilitates release without outside influence, free from the expectations of those around you.

Simple Purpose: Dream work
The key stone of the dream state and the mastery of working on that level. Entering this stone’s frequency, one may experience the ancient Jade mask and walk through the doorway, behind which the powerful elders of the Mayan culture wait. This is a stone of wisdom that helps align life to that which is important.

Simple Purpose: Heart Activation
Powerfully activates the heart chakra to an unconditional state, that allows the mastered aspects of forgiveness (Rose Quartz) to be offered to the world in pure expression (Pink Tourmaline). Induces a deep state of meditation. Protective via the presence of unconditional love that deflects negativity.

Simple Purpose: Alignment
Kyanite builds a pathway that can allow the spirit to reside in the mind permanently. It is one of the best attunement stones, linking strongly, especially within the higher pathways of communication such as telepathy and channelling. Can align and balance the chakra system simply by its presence. Fixes throat chakra issues. Stimulates communication of one’s truth and psychic awareness on all levels. Makes the entry to altered states easy and allows memory of that which takes place.

Simple Purpose: Freewill
Prepares the body and soul for the ascension process. Clear access to one’s Akashic records via meditation, which aids in the uncovering of true spiritual purpose. Calms an overactive unfocused mind and empowers the imagination, raising new ideas whose seed may be found in the spirit. This stone has a strong extraterrestrial influence, able to facilitate intergalactic communication and anchor their evolved concepts onto earth.

Lapis Lazuli
Simple Purpose: Realization
Cools and calms Anger and any fire conditions. Clears the meridians of the body. Removes the feeling of being trapped in the physical. Can be worked with to attract soul mates and twin flames to each other, and then helps resolve issues between them, allowing rapid growth spiritually.

Simple Purpose: Service
Cools and calms Anger and any fire conditions. Clears the meridians of the body. Removes the feeling of being trapped in the physical. Can be worked with to attract soul mates and twin flames to each other, and then helps resolve issues between them, allowing rapid growth spiritually.

Simple Purpose: Conscious Feeling
Has a powerful presence of the silver ray, within it which delivers healing balance and embrace of cyclic oneness. This stone blends the heart with the mind in absolute integrity. Key stone for schizophrenic tendencies. Blocks electromagnetic radiation. Can remove past life blocks and carries higher awareness into the body. Deep emotional healer that links the pure feminine to the highest aspects of spirit.

Simple Purpose: Earth Embrace
Aids direct communication with the earth. Acts a spiritual motivator when all comes to a standstill, giving a gentle push and drawing that which is needed for growth. Attracts the healing energies that are necessary for recovery. Lodestone enhances the finding, resting within, and walking of the ‘middle road’ which leads to healing, manifestation and growth spiritually, via time spent in the void space. Can be used to remove disease via psychic surgery then activate the pathway to make the healing permanent. Helps meditation.

Simple Purpose: Clearing
Draws out radiation. Absorbs energy from painful, diseased or inflamed areas, surfacing the seeds for true cure. Aids vision at the third eye. Malachite restores complete breathing in asthmatics and respiratory illness, releasing and balancing the area of the solar plexus, loosening tension at the diaphragm.

Simple Purpose: Starchild
Assists star children to adjust to the physical world’s limitations. It is a tool of diagnosis that also brings awareness to the cause of all diseases, then lends support in the healing and release process. Communication stone between the people of earth and intergalactic races. Other world active complement to Labradorite in the activation of the star children. Channelling and telepathy activator. Can initiate travel outside the bounds of time into other lives. Helps makes life spiritual.

Simple Purpose: Mother Goddess
Moonstone is one of the ruling stones to the female path of ascension, and one of the most feminine of the earth’s minerals, powerfully aligning with the goddess where ever it goes. Moonstone balances, soothes and heals, bringing emotions under the soul’s control. Protects during travel. The female counterpart to Garnet as an aspect in creation, facilitating taking control of the emotional aspect.

Simple Purpose: Equality in Relationship
Stimulates, activates and cleanses the heart chakra. Actualizes the alignment of the personality with the soul, letting one take hold of responsibility for their personal reality. Powerful stone of oneness, inducing a state where one can see their role and place in humanity. Provides a strong link in group work.

Simple Purpose: Emotional Magnification
A stone that is able to assist the people of earth embrace earth changes. Activates the psychic and more mystical abilities, then infuses them into an active, useful existence in every day life. Allows the true intentions and feelings of others to be read from the eyes.

Peach Calcite
Simple Purpose: Harmonization
Removes fears and grief. Helps prevent nightmares. Can be used to communicate with the angelic. Blends the higher mind’s infinite embrace with an unconditional and open heart. Dissolves old emotional patterns of fear, heartache, sadness and grief with the presence of unconditional love.

Simple Purpose: Purity
No other is able to send forth the absolute purity of the Pearl. With ease and understanding, Pearl replaces irritation and pain with balance, peace and trust in the cyclic nature of all processes. Aids in infusing commitment in relationships rather than attachment. Opens the pathways of higher communication via channelling. Used in Ancient Chinese medicine for skin disorders and as a love potion. In ancient Atlantis, Pearl was utilized to embrace the more feminine high spiritual aspects of self via the ocean, without the heaviness of the physical. Pearl is a link stone to the whales and dolphins of earth and the galactic identity Sirius.

Simple Purpose: Bringer of Joy
Peridot carries the powerful healing ability of the green ray with purity into the physical, stimulating instant results in healing. Peridot is a good stone for those unable to look beyond the physical world as the only reality. Opens and cleanses the heart and solar plexus chakras. It facilitates clairvoyance and psychic ability. Teaches of life’s cycles on all levels, allowing the release of the past through self-forgiveness and the placement of power in the heart.

Petrified Wood
Simple Purpose: Past Life Embrace
The energy of Petrified Wood is stabilizing, it offers grounding and strength in all aspects of life. Simplification occurs via this stones stability, which removes stress. This is the most powerful stone of past life exploration, allowing the accurate gathering of information. Eliminates crisis showing the linked lesson so the event is not repeated. Can teach one how to live outside of the realms of common earth time and space.

Pink Tourmaline
Simple Purpose: Gift of Love
Pink Tourmaline allows realization of the unlimited nature of unconditional love, and the joy of recognizing its home within us all. It then helps us to share that realization by giving love as a constant gift to all that cross our path. Pink Tourmaline links the crown and heart chakras. Important third stone of the heart Trinity that completes the work of Rose Quartz and Kunzite. Old stored feelings at the heart are dissolved and one attracts love on all levels. Can act as a skin tonic.

Simple Purpose: Spark of Life
Creates a shield against negative energies and can even protect in physically dangerous situations and occupations even protecting against infection when working with infectious illnesses. One of the most powerful manifestation stones. Anchors the suns energy wherever it goes, infusing a desire for health. Clears emotions via the solar plexus chakra. Pyr-ra-el is referred to in the devic kingdom as ‘The master of Geometric form’ and this stone is able to provide understanding to the higher principles of universal sacred geometry.

Red Jasper
Simple Purpose: Nurturing
Jasper is known as the most nurturing of the minerals on earth. Dreams that are important to life are remembered. Grounds astral travel. This stone’s sustaining ways are useful after hospitalization disease and/or simply when energy levels are low.

Simple Purpose: Self Love
This is a crystal for the integration of spirit into physicality. It effectively moves energy from the heart to the sacral. Clears the base and solar plexus chakras. Helps one face life and its processes, removing avoidance and denial of surrounds. This stone can be used in meditations to find the soul purpose, and aid in the locating of one’s twin soul.

Simple Purpose: Patience
Rhodonite grounds the pink ray into the physical. Most pink stones are clear and simply activate the heart without grounding. The grounded approach of Rhodonite places an unconditional love element into even the most physical of earth activities. A good emergency stone or rescue remedy treating shock and panic. Increases the effectiveness of sound based meditations and the use of mantras.

Rose Quartz
Simple Purpose: Forgiveness
This is the key stone for forgiveness and the development of self love. It reprograms the heart to love itself and find the joys in life. Through Rose Quartz we can learn to see the infinite nature of love within us and understand that all can be healed. Instils a deeper respect for the artistic avenues of creation such as music and books. Rose Quartz may be used to balance the love aspect of the Three Fold Flame via its effect on the higher chakras. Rejuvenates the body and promotes a purification at the cellular level.

Simple Purpose: Spiritual Warrior
Ruby is one of the most dynamic red stones available it can be used to aid issues at all the chakras, to which it brings stability, passion, courage and the ability to ground the spiritual. Is a powerful stone of courage. The passion that Ruby awakens can find a home in any aspect of self, from sexuality to basic living. Enhances the intuitive side and may open the higher vision. Under Ruby’s spell, contact with guides, the opening of ancient teachings, and the Akashic records are achieved. It can raise the Kundalini and bring control to the dream state. Ruby also may lend its omnipotent energies to the memory of important information for the betterment of humanity, releasing it later where appropriate.

Simple Purpose: Spiritual Truth
Enhances psychic abilities especially the intuition. Aids in the conversion of knowledge to wisdom, through the egoless anchoring of truth direct from spirit. Sapphire carries one of the most calming and peaceful energies available in the mineral kingdom, enabling one to feel Free. Powerful stone of channelling. Sapphire has a strong memory that can hold information from times past on earth. Through work with this stone, awareness of one’s life purpose may present itself in such a way that a path to achieving it is made clear. It a powerful anti- depressive.

Simple Purpose: Spiritual Guidance
Selenite is an activator of the higher chakras. It powerfully activates the soul star and crown chakra, which allows the embrace of spiritual emotional content with understanding. This stone holds one of the most powerful activation energies on earth, which it infuses by first opening pure communication with guidance in spirit. Can clean and clear the physical and energy bodies. Selenite holds the records of Earth’s evolution within it, which it may share with those whom ask. Opens telepathic communication and allows past life communication. Selenite is a powerful link stone to the Pleiadian Star system, and may in some cases open associated wisdoms and paths of service that must be completed now. With Turquoise, Selenite may allow one to speak directly with the Earth and facilitate its balance via grid work and Liquid Crystal direct dosing.

Simple Purpose: The Lunar Path
Silver is an honest mirror of the soul. Tt reflects the truth about the progress that is being made on the spiritual path, infusing patience, perseverance and an understanding of cyclic flow. The energies of Silver are flowing, cooling, gentle and mothering, like a calm ocean. Silver allows the walking of the Goddess path in self cooling and balancing pools of excess masculine attitudes and expressions. It facilitates clear and well ordered communication, activates the soul and earth star chakras and will aid visualization ability. It can allow the Lunar Lords to commune with the Solar Angelic, leading to ascension. Silver is one of three stones used in a set sequence to activate the Pathway of Isis.

Smoky Quartz
Simple Purpose: Earth Light
Grounds the perfection of absolute spirit into the base chakra area of the body, infusing the spiritual virtues into mundane earth activities. Smoky Quartz is an important teacher for us, leading by example in the embodiment of light. It helps achieve a deeper state in meditation. Helps one to become grateful for the gift that life really is, and teaches how to embrace the present and not get side tracked into life’s complexities. Gives calm sleep and removes nightmares. Removes emotional blocks.

Simple Purpose: New Vision
Sodalite opens the third eye and allows the intuitive wisdom and spiritual mind to blend with the conscious. It opens one to the reality of spirit and the understanding of the self as an important part of the infinite oneness of the universe, which allows the activation of pure knowing. Calms panic attacks that are due to division of self and the resulting stress. Frees one from addictions, control issues and addictive behavior. Creates a new more spiritualized vision for life.

Simple Purpose: Inner Child
The key principle that Sugilite holds is the anchoring of the spiritual mind into the physical, allowing the realization of one’s divine purpose. This stone often is a stepping stone to the active memory of why we came to earth. By aligning to this stone’s energies, star children adjust to physicality and the inner child is not lost with age, retaining a playfulness as an adult. Sugilite aids the reaching of complete cures in all disharmonies, by the infusion of the spirit’s wisdom into the body so lessons are learnt. Opens communication pathways to past spiritual masters of earth. Has a drawing and calming action in its energy that is useful with pain management and advanced states of healing.

Simple Purpose: Physical Radiance
The energy of Sulphur is one of understanding and wisdom. It carries calm into fire attitudes through its experience in that element, but can motivate, activate and empower where needed. Sulphur places the vitality and power of the fire element into the body, allowing one to become physically radiant, a shining light within the perception of self. It activates the willpower and guides in the appropriate use of that energy without ego. Increases creativity and imagination. Sulphur is an important part of the shamanic traditions of earth, and is a link stone to Earth’s fire elementals.

Simple Purpose: Ra, Light Radiant
Sunstone lends the vitality and regenerating energies of the sun wherever it goes. It is a stone of optimism and radiant light. Clears, balances and heals the energy system and chakras. Sunstone has an affinity for the solar plexus chakra, where it lightens the load, removing fears and adding vitality. It stimulates all self healing abilities is a powerful antidepressant and removes the feelings and fears of failure many hold within. In the presence of Sunstone, life progresses in an open and limitless way. Sunstone is a powerful stone to use in conjunction with sun meditations or spiritual work related to the Incas, Mayan and Aztec cultures. It is a sacred stone to the Egyptian God of the Sun, Ra.

Simple Purpose: Angelic Messenger
This is a potent stone of the higher senses. It activates and opens the third eye, throat and crown chakras, anchoring clairaudience, clairvoyance and all forms of spirit communication. Tanzanite is the most powerful link stone to the angelic realm in the mineral kingdom on earth at this time. Tanzanite can break down the human ideas of time and space, allowing a more vast understanding that is universal. The Akashic records of an individual may be accessed through this stone through meditation, to which it is a powerful aid. Tanzanite can transmute negative energies to love and understanding. This stone is aligned with Ascended Master Saint Germaine, who utilizes aspects of this stone’s transmuting ability, blended with Amethyst, to hold the Purple Flame of Transmutation in our dimension.

Tiger Eye
Simple Purpose: Personal Power in Action
This is the stone for those that feel trapped in life. It infuses personal power into life actions, and delivers self confidence in any situation. All activities become purposeful, and a self reliance is developed that builds into personal power. Enhances psychic abilities and can raise the Kundalini energy. Tiger eye is a good travel stone. It is protective and helps one to feel at home no matter where they are. Can bring discipline to the sexuality. In Asia, Tiger eye is used to bring luck and wealth into all aspects of life. Adds vitality and optimism to any situation.

Simple Purpose: Spirit of Earth
Turquoise is second to none in its ability with communication and expression. Its energy primarily activates, balances and heals the throat, heart and sacral chakras, but its mastery is in allowing all the body systems, chakras and aspects of self to communicate with each other, which powerfully stimulates healing and permanent cure. With Turquoise, the spirit and physical worlds are joined and grounded. Psychic ability is enhanced, and the desire to be of service to the earth is cultivated. When one is ready, Turquoise can allow communication with the earth directly, and may allow the listening to of the Music of the Spheres (sound of the planets’ movement in space). Sacred stone of the American Indians. Has the ability to connect one to the teachings of the Pleiadians.

Simple Purpose: Life Changes
Zircon (Hyacinth)
Zircon is a stone of change. It allows us foresight into the results of actions if undertaken now, helping us move forward without fear. Brings understanding to schizophrenic visions which leads to healing. Zircon enhances intuition which leads to enlightenment and visions of the areas, spirit or physical, that are still unexplored in life so the journey can continue. Zircon is an old world stone. It is grounding, stabilizing and fusing, eventually allowing an understanding of oneness. Zircon interacts with more people than any other crystal, as it is the mineral that is mined to form silicon chips that are the foundation of computers, mobile phones etc.

*All information has been sourced from The Liquid Crystals.

Usage Guide

When you purchase Liquid Crystals from us, we will send you instructions along with information about your remedy. Contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.
In general, Liquid Crystals are taken for 21 days, 7 drops under the tongue in the morning and 7 drops under the tongue in the evenings. After 21 days, tip any remaining liquid onto the earth in gratitude for the journey. Take a break from taking any crystals for 7 days after you finish, this is your integration period, the crystals are still working their magic!
Liquid Crystals are safe for babies, but if you have any concerns you can put 7 drops on their head, or even in your hand and wave it through their energy field. You could even try incorporating them into a lovely baby massage.