I believe you were put on this earth at this time, to shine brightly and make a difference.

I also know that you don’t always feel that way. I get that there are days you feel stuck in a rut. Like you’ve lost yourself, you’re not heard, no one understands you, and you just want to stay in bed, or cry, or both. I bet you’re often saying to yourself “Is this really all there is in life?!”

And here’s the thing, beautiful. There IS more. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with all. the. things, yet still underwhelmed with life. You can be a mama AND follow your passion and make a difference in the world. You can work in that dream job AND have time for your friends and hobbies. You can have that perfect relationship AND not lose your sense of self.

I know you don’t know where to start, so let me make it easy for you… after all, I know better than anyone that you don’t have time or patience to wait any longer…



Hi, I’m Sandra, and I’m a self-worth and empowerment coach for women.

I see you. But not as you see you. I see and honor the best version of you. I’m your biggest fan!

I’ve held space for other women in their darkest days, too. I’ve nurtured them back to not only feeling comfortable in their day-to-day, but finding joy and beauty in their achievements every day. I’ve guided them to not only find their light, but to also shine it back to others around them.


“The future’s bright, baby, you’d better be wearing sunglasses!”

~ a legendary friend of mine, RIP Huey

After years of telling untruths (to myself and others), having unfulfilling relationships and feeling unworthy, my heart and soul were craving true love, connection and joy. I was weary of wondering “what if…?” and spending hours scrolling through inspirational quotes online (amid other self-sabotaging habits) in order to escape the mundane of life. There had to be more, surely?!

At my lowest, and when I felt I had no other choice, I took the path less travelled and leaped into the uncertain territory of single motherhood. With no real plan other than to find happiness. No one could understand why or how I could break up my family home, and I was so sad and confused myself that I failed to explain it. I was drowning, but with the help of a growing spiritual toolbelt of crystals, reiki and other healing modalities I still had hope.

And in the solitude of those days and nights when my children were with their Dad, I dove deep into my soul, wade through the shadows, and slowly paddled my way back to shore. I found strength, love and respect for myself, that no one will ever take from me again.

On solid ground and as I danced my way back to the light, I found joy in the little things again. I salsa’d, mambo’d and rumba’d right into the arms of my soulmate, and now we tango through life as a blended family, with a love as wide as it is deep.

After coming through the other side of where you are, and helping others do the same, my wish and commitment to you is simple… together we will get you up out of bed, and living each day fully and wholly. I will hold space for you gently, honestly, and without judgement. And together we will come up with a step by step plan, one that lights YOU up, and one that has you dancing on the shoreline once more.